Marija Skender is Montenegrin pianist, addicted to contemporary music. Her repertoire consists of the most diverse styles of contemporary music, including contemporary improvisation, electronic music, in connection with the visual arts, musical theater or dance movement



Duo Illegal

Duo Illegal is assembled by Alessia Hyunkyung Park - soprano and Marija Skender - the piano.

The duo is committed to playing musical pieces of the 20th and 21st century. Their goal is to present the music in a new and interesting manner.

Duo Illegal has worked together with Bernd Schmitt, producer, with whom they won the Special prize for "breaking the classical concert ritual", for their stage performance of the piece “Misterys of Macabre", by Györy Ligeti, at the Contemporary Music Interpretation contest in Karlsruhe, Germany.


In November 2013 she was awarded the Karl Steinbuch Scholarship for an innovative project in the field of contemporary music and information technology, in a team with the composer Vincent Wikström.


Marija Skender is Montenegrin pianist, addicted to contemporary music.


Marija Skender has held concerts in Montenegro, Serbia, Croatia (Festival Novalis), Slovenia (Festival Maribor, RTV Ljubljana, Slowind Festival), Austria (Internationale Woche - Graz) and France (Université de Cergy Pontoise Paris).

In Germany, she has performed in Karlsruhe (Piano + Festival - ZKM), Wolfsburg (Movimentos Festival), Stuttgart (Festival Sommer in Stuttgart) and Freiburg (Ensemble Akademie) and in Italy at Music festivals in Lucca and Chioggia as well.



30 септембра, 2019

16.11.2019. Concert

16.11.2019. Concert with SKAM Ensemble, Theater Atelier by Digitale Kunst Fest, Stuttgart
30 септембра, 2019

13.11.2019 Concert

13.11.2019 Concert with SKAM Ensemble, Buch Cafe by Digitale Kunst Fest, Bad Hersfeld

‘As a student she won several first and second prizes in national competitions in the field of solo piano and chamber music.